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Technology Assessment

Don't know what you don't know? Don't worry! Our team has years of experience being in your shoes and is here to help! We come onsite to interview and survey your employees in all departments to provide an outside-in assessment of your technical capabilities. Technology investment is paramount to your long-term success. An assessment of your current environment will help you determine where you should be making those investments.

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  • Strategic Goals
  • Outsourced vs In-House Options
  • Pain Points
  • Cross-Department Priorities
  • Audit Compliance
  • Department Objectives
  • Road Map
  • Data Analytics
  • Industry and Vendor Landscape
  • Payment Strategies and Growth
  • Core and API Integration
  • Current Technology Contracts
  • Technology Systems
  • Technology Gaps

Technology Evaluation

We take the heavy lifting of vendor evaluations so your team can focus on what's important. We perform a gap assessment on your current system to help you close the gaps when investing in a new system. Plus, we'll keep your team involved throughout the technology vendor RFP collection and manage the vendor communications the whole way, setting up demos and reference calls so your team can make a well-informed decision as quickly as possible without bogging you down.

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  • Results from technology assessment
  • Vendors that best align with your strategic goals
  • Vendor RFP’s
  • Current contracts

Technology Strategy

Technology decisions aren't easy. Too often decisions are made without strategic direction. Let our team help you align the emerging technology trends with your credit union's strategic goals. A strategic technology plan helps you prioritize your technology investment and gives you the road map for the next three years.

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  • Technology Trends – Now and Future
  • Road Map Planning & Milestones
  • Regulatory IS&T Compliance
  • Exam Readiness
  • Prioritization
  • Audit Compliance

Technology Negotiation

This is the part of the project that our team enjoys most! And we are pretty darn good at it if we say so ourselves (our clients say so too!). We know what is hiding in your contracts. The money we uncover for our clients is unparalleled. We believe so strongly in our process that we guarantee our price. If you've already decided on technology vendors or are happy with your current partners but are curious about your options, give us a call. This is where we can make a huge difference.

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  • Custom Contracts
  • Outsourcing
  • Vendor Bids
  • Contract Review
  • Vendor Management
  • Pricing Negotiation

Meet One of Our Technology Experts

Loretta Weller-Mowers is our Technology expert - Before joining CU Engage, Loretta spent 18 years with San Diego County Credit Union. She led enterprise-wide technology initiatives from inception to completion, often being first to market with new online services. Now, Loretta and her team guide credit unions just like yours through strategic technology plans. Want to know more about Loretta? Check out her bio.