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CU Ignite!

The more we engaged with clients through strategic projects, the more requests we heard for help in growing member experience. Look no further.

CU Ignite leverages CU Engage’s familiar proven four-step process to provide new service offerings to support your organization.

See the services we offer to ignite your experience below.

Member Experience Services


Boost results of marketing campaigns by implementing a detailed strategy.


Supplement your limited marketing resources with our expertise.


Get actionable analytics delivered right to your inbox with detailed marketing reports.

Secret Shopping

Ensure your team is aligned strategically with our secret shopping program.

Competitor Analysis

Identify your advantage over your competitors with our in-depth competitor review.

Journey Mapping

Understand your members and deliver exceptional service with member journey maps.

Digital Experience

Reflect your great services through a cohesive digital experience.

Member Onboarding

Enhance your member experience through improved onboarding and decreased churn.

And More!

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